In an effort to develop and grow the sport of Tennis in St Lucia, the St Lucia Tennis Association plans to embark on a number of programs to help develop players for the sport of tennis throughout the island. Some of these programs include the following:

  • The School Tennis Initiative (STI) – this initiative first started in 1996 (by the ITF) and aims to help nations introduce mini tennis in schools and clubs to children aged 6 – 11 years old. Currently, the St. Lucia National Tennis Association plays host to five school programs.
  • The Grass Roots Program –The mandate of the St. Lucia Tennis Association Incorporated is to develop tennis in St Lucia. Indeed, it is essential we build from the ground up on a good foundation. Our tennis program will need young people for training and guidance to become championship athletes. To do this, it is very clear a well structured grassroots program will be essential to take tennis to the widest number of our young and provide them with the appropriate facilities and quality training.  The Tennis Association plans to bring the sport of tennis to all communities in the island of St. Lucia.  With the pilot project beginning in the community of Gros Islet.
  • The Junior Tennis Initiative – The St. Lucia Tennis Association Inc. hopes to focus on developing a regular performance training program for development of juniors, who will hopefully graduate into the National squad.
  • Private Programs – Each individual resident coach have their own unique programs.  For more information on this program please contact the coaches directly.
  • Coaches Education Program – This program aims to increase the number of qualified tennis coaches and to improve the skills of coaches and PE teachers throughout St. Lucia.


          Back Hand Demo


          Typical Serve Demo


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